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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

I like Otis.

Every time I've seen him on TV he's made me laugh because he has such a ridiculous character and doesn't take himself seriously at all, but when he's actually in the ring he has this weird technical presence about him. He locks up, he uses actual wrestling holds, and his image and frame reminds me of guys like A-Train, Brodus Clay (had WWE had any idea how to use him), Bam Bam, and even Tazz.

He stands out because I find a lot of people on the roster are given fantastic opportunities, main events, titles etc. but play the victim and/or burial card when they realise that they're just a spoke on the WWE wheel and it'll keep turning without them. Sasha Banks is a good example of that.

He doesn't take himself seriously and it comes off brilliantly.

Is he going to be a world champion one day? Is he going to have a 5 star match with a superstar like Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar to put them away for a 3 count after a caterpillar? Absolutely not. I can't even see him holding a mid-card title to be honest and I can't really see him being around for very long purely because WWE have no idea how to book tag team wrestling in 2019.
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