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Re: The 2019 MOTYC Thread

Originally Posted by NastyYaffa View Post
Tessa vs. Callihan - ***3/4

They naturally go with Callihan doing most of the work on top, while Tessa fights from underneath. It proves to be a winning dynamic with both rocking their roles pretty greatly the whole way through - Callihan is an awesome evil & brutal sleazebag while Tessa rules with her fiery & intense babyface work. The way the thing progresses with Sami at first being real cocky about his brutalization, to ultimately being shocked & low-key desperate about not being able to put Tessa away, is great stuff. The piledriver kickout perfectly showed that progression, and was probably my favorite moment of the entire match. Very, very good stuff overall.

And one of the biggest surprises of the year...

"Big" "Mike" Michael El"G1"n vs. Brian Cage - ***3/4

I never in a million years would've thought that I'd end up LOVING a match between these two, but here we are. This kicked so much ass. The beginning perfectly sets up the pace for what's about to come, as they collide in explosive fashion right from the get go. From that moment on, it's just borderline balls-to-the-walls bombfest action with the two, especially Big Mike, brutalizing one another in very compelling fashion. The length was just about perfect for the way they went with it, too. An absolutely awesome match with a big A.

Impact vs Swann was a fun match too but when Swann went to the top rope and Impact did a complete 180 degree turn to get in the correct position.....yeah he should have just commited to being in the wrong position at that point because that kinda took me out of the match.

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