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Re: Is Battlefield V a failure in your opinion?

Originally Posted by 7x0v View Post
There absolutely are some people who won't buy it, if you play as a woman. Just like there are some people who won't buy it, if you play as a black guy.

I still play Left 4 Dead, and I've certainly noticed how many people leave the game lobby if they're forced to play as Louis (the black guy). They aren't fooling anyone. What's actually happening is, they don't want their friends and family to see them playing as the black guy.

And ultimately, this comes down to something else. Something a little more than a video game. It comes down to the player, or their family, or their friends either not liking blacks, or preferring whites. Like I said, they aren't fooling anyone. It is still discrimination.

Battlefield V has a woman on the cover, and I definitely believe some guys won't buy it due to that fact alone. Because they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them buy it. Like I said, there are definitely people out there who think like that. Some people are afraid their friends, family, etc, would make some kind of joke about a woman, a black guy, etc, being on the cover of their game.

I'm quite happy to say I won't buy a game where I'd be forced to play as a split arse to suit some soyboys leftwing cuck agenda. They might aswell come with a free chastity cage. Something tells me you've got several already though.
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