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Re: What's so bad about PlayStation Classic?

Ive never used it but criticisms seemed to centre around the actual console feeling rather cheap and simply not including a fantastic selection of games. The box even has the word "preloaded" on the back which makes it seem like you could actually download more if you wanted.....which you couldnt. Not a great choice of wording.

Personally I wouldnt be spending these sums of cash on an old console with 20 locked games when you could easily just pick up an old PS1 for a fraction of the price and play whatever games you like.

overall, it really depends on anyone's opinion as to whether it was good enough, if the games didnt do it for you then you arnt going to like it.....because you can't do anything about it. Not everyone is going to regard MGS or rainbow six as the great games they remember. If you could download any PS1 game from a store for 2 each then there would be nothing to dislike.

Plus in any case, playing a game from 20 years ago is always going to be underwhelming, people imagine it like they used to, problem is you don't factor in time and advancement in technology so once you step back into the game, you suddenly realise its not the thing you believed it was. Its dated and generally just not that amazing anymore. Therefore you feel let down. I recently played goldeneye after not playing it since the early 2000s and it was nothing like I remembered at all really.

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