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Re: Wentworth Season 4 (Australian TV Series) Discussion

Originally Posted by zrc View Post
As I said in a PM, Kaz died with a red right hand, which was fitting as it was the name of her gang.

I adore Liz but I was in hysterics at the prostitute dying. Absolutely hilarious, especially how Sean just randomly shoved his body in a park Speaking of Sean, I hope he doesn't get all sexual harassment with Jake. It won't end well.

Marie's protector has to be somebody high up like Rita said, at first I thought it was Miller but he's a bit too small fry. Probably a member of parliament we haven't seen yet. I get the feeling they're heading to Marie's Prisoner ending here where her protector will get her a helicopter and she'll fly off at the end of the siege. Allie will obviously run after her and get left there like the stupid bitch that she is.

I do feel sorry for Liz, as a character (and a Wentworth original) I'm emotionally attached to her. Same with Booms. And it's all gonna end up going to shit without Kaz isn't it?

Allie can fuck off, literally never wanted a character to die so much as her.

There are a fair few people that could've offed Kaz. But here are the "suspects"

Allie... Marie...Ruby... Narelle... Kosta and saw Liz listed too after her outburst in this episode. Guess we'll find out.

I will say that I've already seen Episode 5, and it got me right in the feels. The writers need to real slow down though when it comes to season 8 and 9 because this one has been way too fast for half way in. Kaz dying would've been a season finale any other year. As for who I think killed Kaz? I honestly don't know. There are far too many variables and will be so many twists in the next half of the season, that it's impossible to say right now.

I can say though, I don't think Rita had anything to do with it.

P.S. Boomer's mother is also confirmed for episode 6 now. So it sounds like a little family reunion for the boom squad.
The shit with Liz was really funny, the dark humour was a nice change of pace Sean seemed a little to calm disposing of the body mind, i guess he's got some experience with people ODing on him. Shady bastard he is, better not harm/abuse Linda but he welcome to Jake.

I thought of Derek Channing when it came to Marie's protector, they did mention him in ep 3 but i guess he wouldn't be in a position to help her if he on trial for murder. So you may be on to something there, a helicopter escape would be one hell of a spectacle to see.

I agree it could do with slowing down a tad but damn am I gripped, the cliffhangers have been great this season. But it does run the risk of ending up like the attitude era of car crash, can you top this tv. But the writers are still hitting the emotional points so I'm not worried.

I think it's beyond safe to say it not Rita. Marie would surely be too strung out to have done such a clean hit so I'd rule her out too. My money on Ruby doing it, followed by Allie (fuck her) or Will (because he a bloody idiot who "loves" Marie). But we'll see, love that i can't easily guess who done it like a lot of shows!

Boomers mum should be fun to see lol

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