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Originally Posted by raymond1985 View Post
Originally Posted by rexmundi View Post
This thread should be subtitled The Misadventures of Mr. Hour 3. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/1sCL677.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Cocky" class="inlineimg" />
Heyman is apparently very high on him.

WWE's ratings are thus in for a very cold winter.
the wwe is high on him, heyman is just following the line of the company because he is a company man. He is been in the cook since February. I think everyone has a tendency to romanticize those guys and make them the ultimate rebels. No they said they would never write for Vince again, they are doing it and that's the fox money effect.
The company is high on Rollins,heyman will call him the next stone cold/rock
Originally Posted by LPPrince View Post
Why blame Rollins? No one is helping WWE get ratings. WWE itself is the problem, Rollins and co. are just along for the ride.

The Rock could ditch Hollywood to come back full time for wrestling and it wouldn't do shit for ratings because of how WWE fucks shit up now.
I agree with you but he didnt help his cause with his teenage rambling on twitter. When you put yourself like that as the absolute company man/shill you will take responsibility for the crap numbers, even more if your are the main event champion
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