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Re: Wentworth Season 4 (Australian TV Series) Discussion

Originally Posted by MrFlash View Post
Never seen Prisoner Cellblock H, really should look to see if they do a box set of it and cannonball it. Out of Oz and Orange is the new black, Wentworth is the best written imo.
Not sure Prisoner is still on TV at all, but I'm sure they're probably online somewhere. I don't think you'd be able to blitz through it though with 692 episodes. It's also one of the biggest dvd collections ever made (174 discs).


On to Episode 3 of Season 7 (i'll try at least as its a bit of a haze after already seeing the next one):

* I liked the linking of Narelle, but she doesn't strike me as somebody who's gonna last that long in the slammer. She'll get eaten alive once Rita stops helping her.

*Kaz is a sitting duck you've got Marie who she tried to blow up, Kosta who can't get drugs in and Narelle who now knows she crippled her brother. It's already known Marie is gonna be the next top dog, so it'll be interesting to see who she recruits to her side.

*In Australia it was confirmed Franky will be making an appearance in Episode 6, so I take it that will be for Boomer leaving.

* At first I didn't think much into Miller, but I think you were right when you said there's something sneaky about the guy. I think the new officer is gay and wanting a piece of Jake, whilst Miles wants a piece of him.

* Kaz now knows about Marie and Jackson. That's not gonna go down very well. Will she just tell Allie or use it for something else? You're right Allie is the drizzling shits, I don't even think she's redeemable anymore. She's so far removed from the girl she was with Bea that it's like she's an entirely different character. She really is that thick, huh?

*In the ever going pursuit of looking for Juicy. She has her name on the credits for the season, so she'll show up eventually. It's not like she's needed much after the Freak cut her tongue off.

p.s. There's another new inmate popping up in the next couple episodes.

Edit again - Episode 3 was a real slow episode, which was fine coming off the back of the first 2 moving 300 miles an hour. And it was good to see a different side of Kaz. I could've just done without bratty Allie yet again.

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