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Originally Posted by AlternateDemise View Post
I personally could care less about insults. But if I'm not allowed to call out people for stupid shit they say, then I'm not letting others get away with it against me (especially when what I say isn't idiotic. At least let it be in instances where I deserve said insult).

Yes, you'd be wrong regardless. A guy who is elite at one end of the floor isn't better than someone who is elite at both ends of the floor. That, FYI, is what you're saying, and that's incredibly laughable. You're also using a team concept to discredit Anthony Davis as a player. Once again, that is incredibly laughable.

Going off of the majority of your posts, individual accomplishments don't matter apparently. Otherwise you wouldn't be using the amount of times Anthony Davis made the playoffs against him.

Um, yes I can.

It doesn't matter if Harden's team are the odds on favorites or not. What matters is how he performs. You said yourself that Superstar players elevate their teams. And yet more often than not, Harden was the main reason for his teams losing in the playoffs, even in moments where they WERE favored to win. And it isn't like the opposing teams possessed players who were well known defensive stoppers of Harden. He just always massively under-performed because that's what he does.

Why isn't it Harden's fault? So now we're suddenly not holding the standard against the top stars on the team? I thought we were. You can't change the narrative of your argument to support your view on the matter. It doesn't work like that. Either be consistent with your logic or admit you're just making shit up.

And yeah, all great teams have good supporting players. That's exactly my point and why I mentioned Capela in the first place. He changed the dynamic of the Rockets and made them a legitimately great team. So did Paul. Yeah, Paul is aging and at this point isn't worth the money he's being given, but a year ago? He was the main driving force behind Houston almost pulling off a shocking upset over Golden State until he once again went down with injury. You want to call Paul a notorious failure in the playoffs? His performance in last years playoffs against the Warriors was better than anything Harden ever did in the playoffs.

Okay, so you tell me what his weaknesses are then, apart from injuries. Come on, tell me. I gave you Harden's weaknesses. The man plays no defense, is a turnover machine and, despite being this offensive god you speak of, shoots a below average FG%.

You just got done claiming that the Bucks weren't favorites to win the East this year, even though they were heavily favored. You thought you could get away with telling us outright lies and you want to tell me I'm bad at arguing? You make Stephen A Smith sound like Dom2k with your logic.
How can anybody take you seriously where you think I'm wrong regardless of what happens during the 19-20 season. How can you validate your points by coming off so ignorant that regardless of what I say, or what happens to validate my points, that you're still right because you said so. You realize how much credibility anything and everything you've just said lost, right?

Where did I say individual accomplishments don't matter, what lol... my entire basis is that Anthony Davis has no credible accomplishments in the last 7 years of his career to justify him being a top 5 player.

Also if we're basing defence on what the NBA defines as defence, Harden is an average defender. Steals and deflections per game are categorised under defence and he is one of the league leaders in both categories. Give him slack where you will, but also give him credit where he deserves.

As Joel said above, name 5 players that were better than D Rose during his MVP year lmao.

Harden was the main reason for teams losing? Your previously aforementioned Capela, being the "reason for Houstons success", completely disappeared in the playoffs this year. Harden's PPG have increased the last 4 years and despite not being able to make it past the obstacle and behemoth that is Golden State, he's been pretty good otherwise. Next season however when Golden State won't have Durant/Klay, will definitely be Harden's biggest opportunity (depending on what other FA Lakers will get).

Apart from the injuries? As if that isn't a huge one to note. The dude plays roughly 3/4ths of a season a year. That means he's a liability and depends on his team for results for roughly 25% of the season. That's a huge problem in on itself. His court vision is lacklustre compared to guys like Giannis and Draymond, meaning his ability to create plays for his teammates is average/below average, he's definitely not a great playmaker. He doesn't play winning basketball and he doesn't make his teammates better on the court.

The Sixers, Raptors, and Boston were the 3 clear-cut favourites to come out on top of the East before the season began. I don't know how short-sighted your memory is. A lot of people even had Indiana ahead of Milwaukee.

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