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Umbrella Academy Mafia - GAME THREAD

Welcome to Umbrella Academy Mafia!


- Day 1 will be 36 hours with all subsequent days being 24 hours.
- Night phases will be 12-16 hours at the discretion of the host.
- Blocked shots will not be refunded.
- Iíve tried to clearly explain role interactions in your PMs, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I wonít be held responsible if you wrongly assume I would resolve something in a certain way.
- CHARACTER CLAIMING IS NOT ALLOWED. Nor is hinting at your CHARACTER OR FLAVOUR in any way (There werenít enough characters in this theme to allow for fakes)
- Donít discuss the game outside of any designated QTs and the thread itself.
- Donít be a chode and threaten to rep out unless itís for legitimate reasons.
- Mafia have been given fakes of unspecified quality.
- Town are Umbrella Academy aligned.
- Town win condition is ďYou win when all threats to town have been eliminated.Ē
- Draws are a thing that can happen. If you donít fulfill your win condition then herp derp you donít earn a victory. Iím not gifting you the game just because of your alignment.
- Do not directly quote your role PM.
- Play to your win condition.
- I guess donít flame too much.


12. Jigsaw was Luther Hargreeves - 2x Vigilante
15. Lawls was Klaus Hargreeves - Mason/Ben Vote Controller


1. CamillePunk


Rugrat was Vanya Hargreeves - 1x Strongman/Investigation Immune/Hated - Lynched D1
Odo was ??? - N1
Skybox was Detective Eudora Patch - Vanilla Townie - Killed N1
Rop3 was Cha-Cha - 1x Janitor/2x Roleblocker - Lynched D2
Savage X was Hazel - 2x Bodyguard/Vanya Martyr - Killed N2
Doddsy was Sir Reginald Hargreeves - 1x Lightning Rod - Killed N2
KING SANTA was Allison Hargreeves - 2x Bus Driver - Modkilled D3
Curry was Ben Hargreeves - Mason/Voteless - Killed N3
Sylar was Diego Hargreeves - 2x Cop - Killed N3

RetepAdam. was Number Five - 2x Commuter - Lynched D4
Lethal Weapon was Pogo - Vanilla Townie - Killed N4
Big Man was The Handler - 2x Watcher/2x Rolecop - Killed N4
Gambit was Harold Jenkins - SK/Investigation Immune/2x Motivator - Killed N4


Day 1 - here
Night 1 - here
Day 2 - here
Night 2 - here
Day 3 - here
Night 3 - here
Day 4 here
Night 4 & Write Up - here

It is now day 1. With 15 alive, it takes 8 to lynch. You have 36 hours remaining.

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