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Put the belt on Roman - only held it less than 6 months

People say they’re sick of Roman always being champion, but the stats don’t support this view.


1st reign: 5 minutes 15 seconds
2nd reign: 6 weeks

3rd reign: 2 months

1st Universal reign: 2 months

Unbelievably, Roman’s cumulative championship reigns have lasted for less than 6 months.

To put that in perspective, that’s 11 days more than Jinder Mahal, about a month less than Daniel Bryan, a year less than AJ Styles, and about the same as Shaemus or The Miz. Roman is less successful than Kurt Angle was during the Attitude Era.

In the last 3 years, he’s held the title for less than 3 months.

Interestingly, when he vacated the title due to leukaemia (despite Meltzer saying it was a work) he said when he comes back “it won’t be about titles or being on top”... but Vince never replayed that line in the million replays.

This suggests to me that Roman doesn’t want the title.

Along with the Moxley comments about Roman hating being forced to say the “sufferin’ succotash” line, maybe Roman is sick of working closely with Vince? He’s been rewarded more than most, but in other ways, he’s been damaged and harmed by Vince’s creative more than anyone. Why would he want that spot?

All things considered, what should Roman’s future title picture look like?
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