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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Call of Duty games, preferably WW2 or modern warfare-themed. I'm quite satisfied with them mainly because they don't cause much motion sickness to me, thus more re-play value. Perhaps because of the level designs, perhaps due to the more open-spaced terrain. Thus no repeated searching and wandering over and over for the likes of the hidden keys, locked exit, etc. No need to repeatedly go back and forth, from floor 1 to floor 5 then to floor 2, etc. Thus more friendy to players with eye or vision problems such as me.

Also, instead of the classic, claustrophobic, dungeon levels, where you could see the ceiling, flooring, and side wall tiles moving fast as you move, or as they quickly rotate as you rotate to face your enemy at your back. Such quick tile movements and rotation cause dizziness fast.

Also I like the comradery in the solo campains, you are not alone. Very big plus for me.

I started with CoD3 in PSP, and I was amazed with such gameplay changes and the resulting longevity I achieved as playing such genre. I became a fan ever since.

And for the question:

Classic FPS: Doom (DOS) <-- In retrospect, caused motion sickness to me many times back then, but I was younger and no eye problems yet, thus more tolerant back then.

Modern FPS: CoD WaW, CoD MW1-3, CoD2, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (all equally liked)

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