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Re: WWE fines Lars Sullivan over comments

Originally Posted by Calico Jack View Post
If your day is ruined because some guy who'll you never meet said some bad stuff years ago on the internet, then that's your problem.
I don't know how people leave their own homes anymore, my goodness.
Are you a white straight man, by any chance? Do you have any sisters? A girlfriend? I suggest you talk to them about how often they feel disrespected or harassed.

Someone saying something racist can absolutely fucking ruin your day. Something sexist can ruin your day. That you think this shit doesn't bother people is how good most people are at taking a big steaming pile of shit and carrying on. It doesn't mean they don't think cunts like Lars aren't a fucking problem or it makes them feel great.

God forbid you ever know anyone with mental illness who gets told "kill yourself." God forbid you actually live in a real world where you're reminded that pieces of shit get rewarded with fat contracts.

And guess what? People who put up with that shit do go out and live their lives. They have for fucking ever. Just because they're letting people like you know "that shit's fucked" now, doesn't mean they live in fucking bubble-wrap. You literally can't get away with that in the world. It's folks like you that can't take the backlash with the thin skin. Wise up.

Originally Posted by Fearless Viper View Post
I think this fined is just a way for WWE to make an action against Lars so they can just move on without them being judged.
Bingo. It's a token move designed so they can keep pushing him.

Originally Posted by TheLooseCanon View Post
How do you fine a guy for comments he made pre-WWE?

They should have fired him, but this is the company that takes money from killers, so I don't even care anymore. Fuck off WWE.
You fine a guy that made comments pre-WWE as a fake gesture because you like the guy and want to continue focusing on him. You dock him a bit of pay he probably wasn't expecting anyway and try and con viewers and sponsors into thinking you took a hard stance.

The company does take money from killers, but this is literally a "PR" tactic the Saudi family has used in the past. A few years ago one of the princes got into some shit so they "fined" him what seemed like a large amount of money, but was actually a drop in the bucket of the Saudi riches. It was a way to appear "progressive" while not doing a damn thing. That is literally what WWE is doing here.
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