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Dirt sheet geek BS...why post it?

I am pretty convinced at this point that NONE of the dirt sheet GEEKS know what is going on in the back because the stories change so irratically weekly. At the start of the week Triple H was the villain that wouldnt let Harper out of his contract, now he is the most stressed man in WWE creatively? Like what the fuck. Zero consistency in any "reporting," for anyone that has a reasonable IQ.

Becky and Charlotte for next years WM. -Later on the next week- whoops plans have already changed and they have lost confidence in Becky.

I am convinced none of those dirt sheet geeks and none of these forum lurchers know what is going on, so why not go with flow? Plus all the BS that gets posted debumps my 5 star posts, so that's annoying too. Discuss.

Plus has it ever occurred to you guys that these dirt sheet geeks could be working for AEW to gas light the smarks? Just a hunch.

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