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Re: Why is Asuka not challenging Becky?

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
In kayfabe, I don't know, she's focusing on her new life as a tag team wrestler.

Out of kayfabe, which is what matters here, they don't want Asuka in that spot. They never treated her like a true champion after her and Becky were done with each other, she faded away into irrelevance. She only ever beat Becky to put doubt in fans minds that she might not win the Rumble.

And now they've got Becky as their top woman. Charlotte's still in the mix. And they want to push Lacey. And with Asuka they're keeping her busy with Kairi to give her something to do.

No grand explanation but again, Asuka got her reign because Becky had to lose, she didn't do anything with it once Becky was out of the picture. And now that Becky has her belts, they've got Asuka down the card doing something else.
That was so fucking stupid. Imagine if they had Austin tap out to Owen Hart before he won the Rumble and beat Shawn for the title. Imagine if they had Batista tap out to Jericho before he won the Rumble and beat HHH for the title. If that was their thought process, it's genuinely awful booking. No wonder nobody is a star anymore.

Originally Posted by Asuka842 View Post
Vince has never been good at pushing Asian talent well, that's going back decades. Hell JR had to tell him about Asian porn sites just to get him to hire Gail Kim, which is just sad to think about.

Not saying he's a racist or anything, but I think that he just doesn't "get" their appeal or know how to use them well in-general.
He's definitely racist. There's varying degrees of racism. I'm not saying he wishes harm on any other races, but he clearly favours Caucasians & Samoans. Look at guys like MVP and Booker T, I know Booker got his charity reign in 2006, but if they were white or samoan they would have been multiple time world champions given their level of talent. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Maybe it's not textbook racism, but it's definitely racial bias.

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