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Re: Hulk Hogan Was An Entertaining Worker

My Top Ten Favorite Hulk Hogan Matches (In No Particular Order)

1) Vs. The Ultimate Warrior: Title for Title at Wrestlemania VI = An epic face vs. face showdown. If you were a fan of either one of or both of these guys, this was a dramatic thrill ride with an ending that left me speechless the first time I saw it.

2) Vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania X-8 = I don't even know how to accurately describe this match. The most emotionally charged bout ever? Possibly. The definitive Wrestlemania dream match? Probably? An entertaining and classic showdown for the ages? Absolutely.

3) Vs. Sgt. Slaughter: WWF Title Desert Storm Match from MSG 1991 = You can find this match on the Network and boy oh boy is it a hidden gem. This version of Hulk with the camoflauge get up and more of a hardcore style is one that could have revitalized his babyface run in the 90s if they had leaned into it and used it outside of these matches with Slaughter. This is a wild and bloody match and represents the best both men could offer in 1991. Slaughter is particularly great in this match.

4) Vs. The Great Muta from NJPW event in 1993 = Such a cool and unique pairing and a different style of Hogan than what US fans are used to seeing. All of Hogan's work in Japan is a bit more technical, but this is probably my personal favorite of his Japanese work, mainly because I was a huge fan of Hulk as a kid and Muta is the first Japanese wrestler I ever became a fan of, so this is just a treat.

5) Vs. The Big Bossman: Steel Cage Match MSG 1989 = This is another one you can find on the Network and I first saw on a Best of Hulkamania tape as a kid. I think most people think of their SNME Cage match when they think of these two, but I saw this one first, so I have more of an attachment to it. You get blood, and you get a wild superplex spot that spits in the face of all those that say Hogan never did anything crazy. Basically, it is the same as their SNME match but without Zeus worked into it.

6) Vs. Randy Savage for the WWF Title at Wrestlemania V = This is the first wrestling match I remember seeing, so obviously, I have a special connection to it. The angle and build up are stupendous, and fortunately, the match itself was a main event worthy of Wrestlemania with plenty of drama and excitement.

7) Vs. Vince McMahon in a Street Fight at Wrestlemania XIX = This was just wild and chaotic fun. Its one of those bouts that regardless of how you felt about it, you sure as hell will never forget it.

8) Vs. Paul Orndorff: All Matches = They had a couple on SNME, including their memorable cage match, and they had that encounter in The Big Event infront of that massive crowd. There was just something about this pairing that just clicked. They were physically similar to each other yet completely opposites in terms of personality and it resulted in these personally changed and wild matches. I can't pick a favorite out of that bunch as I enjoyed them all.

9) Vs. Harley Race from SNME = Two legendary champions having a crazy ass match. This one is one of the most memorable matches in SNME history for a reason.

10) w/Tenryu Vs. The Road Warriors from Wrestlefest 91 SWS/WWF Supershow = This is such a weird "How the hell did all these guys get in one match?" type of deal, that I can't help but love it.

And I actually had to narrow that list down. There are still plenty of other Hogan matches I enjoy whether they be his bouts from SNME, his historical battles with Andre, his matches with DDP in WCW, the epic Nitro title changes to Goldberg and Luger, and his Bash at the Beach match with Flair and plenty of others.


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