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Re: Hulk Hogan Was An Entertaining Worker

Hogan was a showman and knew how to get the most out of the least.

And by working a limited style, when he did do something a little crazy, it was more shocking. Look at his cage matches with Bossman with their Superplexes off the top of the cage or even his match with Muta where he did an Enzuguri (I literally almost shit myself watching it).

Back then, the performers were more like magicians, and would put a lot of theatrics into their matches. It wasn't just Hogan either. Look at guys like Piper and Jake, guys known for being great characters and entertainers, but very minimalist in the moves they did. Even more technical guys like Ric Flair had, pardon the pun, a flare for the theatrics. Drama, character, and story came before highspots, and they'd focus on little nuances and small moments to make things matter. its why matches like Jake Vs. Martel in a Blindfold match worked well in that era and wouldn't work as well today where action takes precendence over everything else.

I recently rewatched all the old episodes of SNME and if there was anything that stood out to me, it was how those shows demonstrated how special Hogan really was and what the appeal was during that time period. Look at his matches with Race, Bundy, Bossman, Orndorff, and even a forgotten gem with Bad News Brown, and you really see what made him so special during that time period. He was one of those guys that was so over that he could get people to react to anything and lead the crowd like a conductor.

Now if you want to see a more technical side of Hogan, check out his work in Japan.


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