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Re: How would you fix the WWE to help with better booking?

Originally Posted by TheGoodCoach View Post
Everybody wants less titles, and that seems nice on the outside, but less titles also means less guys getting "pushed" via a championship.

I don't necessarily agree with that. For me, it's 3 main things.

#1 - eliminate Gimmick PPV's, OR make all the matches follow that stipulation. For example, if you are going to run an event called Hell in a Cell, make every single match be competed in the cell. I hate seeing an event called TLC where you have a normal match for the first 2 hours of the show. I do agree with everyone else that there are way too many PPV's, but if they are going to keep the number the same at least make it matter.

#2 - Make every match follow some type of storyline, or make it mean something. I feel like way too often we get random matches, and zero storyline building. This is definitely laziness on creatives part, and we need faster moving nightly feuds.

#3, and most importantly - The show needs to move at a faster pace. I've been watching old RAWs and it stands out to me how quickly things happen (guys interrupting, overlapping storylines, cutting from segment to segment). It just feels like on RAW now you can watch for 20 minutes without anything productive in the show happening.

I know there are probably 1000 things WWE can change but these 3 really stick out to me
don't you think that less titles would create stiffer competition though? i get your point that there would be less "pushes" to the top via the title but i feel it would make it more cut-throat w/ a bunch of guys going after 1 championship title. would probably even create more angles/story lines if done properly and would add to the glory of winning the belt.

i feel w/ the multiple belts that the feeling would be "oh, can't get the WWE championship so i'll try to go after the universal championship instead" or vice versa.

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