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Re: MLB: Guess who hit the first cycle of 2019...that's right the great Jorge Polanco

Chris Davis Fittingly Plays For the O's should become the thread title until he attains one hit to BEAT THE STREAK.


What they're saying about Orioles' Chris Davis and The Streak

Baltimore Sun staff
Chris Davis is now in the record books for his hitless streak of 49 at-bats. While you wait for the Orioles first baseman to get his first hit since Sept. 14 (and for your free orange crush at Power Plant Live!), here’s what sports writers and others around the country have to say about his current streak of futility.

“Would you take $23 million a year to get booed into oblivion like Chris Davis?” Ted Berg, USA Today: My colleague Charles Curtis posed this question to me the other day, and I still can’t come up with a good answer: Would you switch places with Chris Davis right now? Would you put on a brave face and flail at Major League breaking balls, and swallow your pride and endure the constant booing and mockery of thousands of angry fans in exchange for butt-tons of money?

Part of me wants to say “oh hell yes,” and insist that I could go out every night, whiff wildly in every at-bat and wear my golden sombrero without shame due to the knowledge that I could afford an actual golden sombrero. Maybe I’d even make the John Manziel “Money” gesture on my walk back to the dugout amid thunderous boos.

But I’m a fairly competitive guy, it’s hard to figure how difficult it would be to perform so poorly and so publicly in any arena in which I once achieved such remarkable success. Chris Davis knows what it feels like to be great at baseball, and I have to guess that makes it significantly harder to stomach being bad at baseball.

“How a Hitless Chris Davis Is Like a $15 Dessert,” The New York Times: Considering the amount of money the team has committed to Davis, his situation might be less suited for a manager like [Brandon] Hyde than it is for someone like Richard Thaler, the Nobel Prize-winning economist at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

To Thaler, the Orioles’s refusal to sideline Davis is a classic example of the sunk cost fallacy, an economic principle he detailed in his book “Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics.”

“A classic example is you order some dessert at a restaurant and it costs $15,” Thaler said in a phone interview. “You take a couple bites and you realize you were already full and this dessert is really rich, but you feel like you can’t waste the whole thing. So you eat more of it than you should.”

Ideally, Thaler said, the correct decision is to ignore any cost that has already been paid and evaluate the situation strictly on its own merit.

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