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Re: I don't understand the Triple H hype at all. Am I just crazy?

Originally Posted by Gn1212 View Post
Indeed. Triple H is literally copying the work from the indies and just rehashes it with a WWE(or better yet, WWE NXT) stamp on it. Like, fuck off. If I wanted a bunch of marks performing 1009 moves in a 20 min match that should have lasted 10 tops then tho local gymnasium wrestling shows would be packed like it was the fucking apocalypse.
It doesn't fucking work Trips, let Avengers pull that high action stuff. Hell, let Lucha freaking U derground do it. You're presenting a real life sport competition inside a classic ring. No more no less. Have some fucking context my dude.
Are you trying to be a wrestling purist? That has to be the most idiotic statement I have ever read. HHH is actually going out and grabbing talent who would be overlooked by Vince. Half or most of NXT are indy guys who have worked their ass off to get opportunities now; that didn't exist back then. HHH understands wrestling, and the fans.

Copying work form indies? Seriously... that made you sound so dumb and pathetic.

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