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Originally Posted by Beatles123 View Post
Originally Posted by Erik. View Post
I say he praises non-WWE shows/characters just as much as he praises WWE shows/characters.

He's a wrestling man. Not a WWE man.

Your post would have been more accurate if you simply had said he "rarely acknowledges anything wrestling related"

In the last 5 months alone he's tweeted praise for Cody winning the NWA Championship and now Jericho's promo and praising AEW for selling out.

I genuinely cannot remember the last time he praised WWE or congratulated anyone within that company?

In fact, didn't he come out and say he wants to distance himself from the WWE due to the whole Saudi thing as it makes him look bad?

Good guy Rock doing whats best for business and puting over AEW.
Yeah, but if that were the case and he REALLY wanted to strap a rocket to their ass he'd make an appearance promoting them <img src="http://i.imgur.com/oKZQu2O.png" border="0" alt="" title="Tommy" class="inlineimg" />
As much as that would be amazing to see, The Rock isn't going to be making an appearance for AEW. To be fair, him tweeting about it is a big deal. Sure he got some eyes on AEW with one tweet.
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