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Re: AEW Double or Nothing 5/25/19

Originally Posted by The_Great_One21 View Post
If they decide to try to pretend to be a sport rather than accept that it is sports entertainment then they will get nowhere near WWE. Treating wrestling like a sport won't draw casuals. Hell it wont even draw some hardcore because if I want to watch a combat sport with rankings etc then i will just go watch actual combat sport like mma not pretend.
All professional wrestling IS sports entertainment. Do you care for a great match over a story? Because if you do, you may as well go watch real combat sports.

It's not about PRETENDING to be a sport. It's giving it a fresh outlook. WCW didn't PRETEND to be a sport but they portrayed their show in a sports like fashion. Commentary put it over as a sport as opposed to a business like the WWE tend to do. They would have time limits during their matches. You wouldn't hear a wrestlers music hit when run-ins occured because that WOULDNT happen in a real environment. They had their announce table that emulated a sports broadcasting position etc.

Having a sports vibe in your wrestling product mixed in with the story of pro wrestling through feuds and characters is exactly what the wrestling industry needs. Because I am not sure there is a single promotion on easily accessible stations that provide that.

Legit rules being enforced throughout the show, not insulting the fans intelligence, time limit during matches, creative freedom for talent, commentary CALLING the matches - all these things make it different to the WWE but also adding different things to their product that will CLEARLY show it's different like the weigh-ins they're looking about doing are a nice touch.

Do AEW care about the casuals? No idea. They need to take things slow. They need to get a solid consistent base of fans before they can start trying to draw casual viewers in because across the America and across the world, WWE is wrestling, regardless of whether you like it or not, they have been on top of the Sports Entertainment world for 40+ years. Even if they haven't had the best wrestling, the biggest stars at times, they were ALWAYS the company people recognised as WRESTLING.

Omega, Bucks and Cody keep saying they're looking to change the world. Which already draws me in. How are they going to change the world? What are they going to do? Are they going to redefine what live wrestling television is? Are they going to give us something fresh and new that a wrestling show hasn't given us before? Who knows.

We'll have to wait and see. I've always mentioned that timing could really help AEW here. WWE have lost a million viewers within a year. If AEW can provide something fresh, all those fans who are sick and tired of the formulaic WWE could potentially switch on the TV on a Tuesday night or whenever they have their shows and enjoy what they see, mention it to other fans of wrestling who tuned out months ago because they were sick of the WWE. Being easily accessible (unlike TNA, ROH etc.) will be huge for them.

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