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Re: Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5, 2019)

It looks like it would be an enjoyable movie for the most part but man I really don''t like those school kids. It seems like they're trying to rehash the first movie a little bit by shoving them into random trouble again. I'm tired of characters unmasking all the damn time in these movies, Peter Parker is one of the most guarded about his secret identity, but in every movie he keeps his secret worse than Matt Murdock for christ sakes. I wouldn't be surprised if he unmasks in front of his friends , or at the very least Michelle(I'm not calling her MJ). I really don't understand why Marvel is obsessed with dull colors either, they're not as bad as DC in that regard but my goodness, the blue in the Spider suit looks dark grey / black, what the hell happened? The suit was fine before. Like, his suit is the easiest to replicate and they manage to screw that up. Mysterio's costume is a little better, but the colors are still dull and there's way too much gold on his chest. I will say though, Mysterio in action looked pretty damn good
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