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Re: Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5, 2019)

Originally Posted by Tater View Post
It doesn't bother me in the slightest. Everyone already knows the dusted weren't staying dusted and everyone already knew this wasn't the end of the MCU. Due to marketing reasons, you have to release trailers for movies. The only way to not have this trailer come out before Endgame is to change the release date to the Fall. It makes more sense money-wise to release this as a Summer movie.

I mean, bitching about seeing people alive who you already knew weren't going to be dead seems like a really minor thing to bitch about. I'm sure there will be plenty of real deaths *coughcoughCapcough* in Endgame to keep your bloodlust satisfied.

I'd have been okay with her had she looked like this and oh yeah, had MJ's personality too. She not only doesn't look the part, she doesn't act it either.
Just release the trailer a week into Endgame's run. This film could have no trailers before release and it would still make a shedload of money

It is pointless me repeating myself again but it is just fucking retarded having a trailer for a film with so much riding on it - Cap's tears, IM's apparent imminent death and then before that film is even released have trailer for a film set after it full of clowns making bad jokes all happy and smiling...
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