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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
Well if you're referring to The Elite, then yes you have a point. But I watch other promotions whether it be NJPW or somewhere else and I see a lot of guys who while they're not necessarily the top of the food chain, they still have a story around them and room to grow.

Is it all perfect? Of course not, I'm not trying to paint that picture. But I still think that most guys in wrestling want to make the money and be satisfied creatively.

If you can get both in WWE, good on ya. But if this thing gets off the ground, I think there could be a few people who would take less money to go somewhere, no matter their spot on the card, and feel like a big part of the show if it meant more creative freedom and maybe less dates. Again, IF this thing gets off the ground.
My bad I didn't explain well. I didn't mean to paint it as if only the Elite guys will get stories and good spots. I more so meant to point out that regardless of promotion there's only so many spots and stories to go around for any given level of talent. That eventually no matter what somebody is always going to be the odd man out when it comes to getting a push, a story, a spot at the next big show, you know what I mean.

But on the folk doing it just to exercise their creative muscles, idk I'd have to see some low card guys start doing that before I believe it lol
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