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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

If this is true, then MLW, ROH and Impact will take a major hit. Considering Jericho is rumoured to be involved and knowing he persuaded Anthem's president to hire Callis as one of the guy's to be in charge of Impact Wrestling then chances are that Callis could join AEW. It won't surprise me if the backstage guys they are trying to target in WWE are Sabolsky, Graves, Heyman, Regal, Justin Roberts, Ranjin Singh.

They will need to have a proper roster, creative, marketing, television deal, great touring events, ppvs.

Proper weight-classes would work as well...

By weight-class I mean two legit weight divisions...one for the light-weights, and one for the Heavyweights, but does not include World division.

Tag-Team Champions
Lightweight Champion
Womens Champion
Heavyweight Champion
World Champion

The roster shouldn't be more than 30 at first

5 tag-teams, 5 lightweight contenders, 5 women championship contenders, 5 heavyweight championship contenders, and 5 world championship contenders.

By having legit weightclasses you minimize some injuries and give your roster longevity. The World division is reserved for the guys who can lead your company, but that the Champion is the face of the brand.

By putting a couple of famous tag-teams in your tag-team division you create that buzz and showcase them as well the younger tag-teams.

Lightweight division could easily have a famous cruiserweight from years past, but he will put over the younger ones.

Women's division would need to showcase 3 previous and famous champions in the industry and eventually help put over the other 2.

Heavyweight division would need at least 2 popular heavyweights and former champions that help put over the emerging 3 heavyweights.

World division will have to start off with 2 world famous former champions to get fans in the seats, fans talking on social media, and appeal to television in order to push the other 3 to become just as popular.

As the promotion expands and becomes popular, you then add in a new title known as National Championship, and that this effectively becomes the division where old meets new. As it expands even more, you will eventually need to have a training center, a couple of scouts (talent relations), etc.

Afterall, they plan on going big with deep pockets, so why not utilize the synonym of all-stars as well?

Also...one final thought...have some sort of decent wellness program?.

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