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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

Originally Posted by volde View Post
I'm sure that they'd want to continue that relationship, but I'm not sure what exactly would be the benefit to RoH and NJPW (and CMLL is probably going to do whatever NJPW does)?

Sure, likely more people in USA would be exposed to RoH and NJPW stars, but why then go to RoH show or NJPW's US show if you can see their guys anyway on AEW? To me partnerships between bigger promotions make sense only when they are operating, and focusing, mostly in different parts of the world.
This is what I'm wondering right now. If this thing actually gets off the ground and becomes as successful as it can, ROH is kind of getting the short end of the stick. They're the ones that have been around for 17 years and have given The Elite/BC the platform for BTE and All In. Hell, at times watching ROH this year was like watching an infomercial for those other shows.

So if this gets off the ground and talents like Cody, the Bucks, Hangman, Scurll, Daniels, Kaz, etc. leave or at least get reduced roles in the company, what do they really have left at that point. And with all these similar talents, ROH will look just like a B show in comparison.

Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but I don't see how this looks great for ROH if this gets off the ground.

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