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Re: Should we care at all what wrestlers say/do in real life?

Nowadays, your actions and words represent your profession and your employer because you are thrust into the position of a role model. We can sit here and debate if that's good or bad, but it doesn't really matter because if those actions and words by an employee ends up at the feet of their employer, then their employer must weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the situation and act accordingly. Organisations rarely care about whatever your political affinity is, they just don't want to take the public relations hit because profit and good image is more important than taking a controversial stand.

It's just that this situation has empowered people to take action into their own hands. Vigilante justice, as it were.

The whining about "SJW Culture" taking away "muh freedom" is also ridiculous. It's nothing about "SJW culture". It's the result of a growingly connected world brought together by social media. In cases like Lars, the opposite of justice is someone getting away free with racism. In cases like Hogan, the opposite of justice is someone getting away with racism. In the case of Benoit, it's someone being let off with two murders.

So in my opinion, yes. We should care what they say. They are put in the position of being a role model. If a role model gets away free with racism, that potentially encourages their fans to commit similar actions. People are dumb. It's not about being smart enough to not be racist. It's about making sure that racism is never in the public light.

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