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Cool best of luck to them.

Uphill battle for sure with staffing, building a talent roster securing a TV deal, promotion it could be a year until you see them do anything with this if all goes according to plan. It will also likely cause other companies to become trepidatious about letting their contracted talent work with them. It's not going to be publically funded at first which would mean that the money is going to be better elsewhere. Billionaires don't exactly like losing or spending their money. You also have to wonder how much The Elite's stock drops without the exposure of New Japan and ROH to aid them.

Originally Posted by njcam View Post
It's coming............. <Vince shitting himself>

It will be interesting to see who 'All Elite Wrestling' poach from WWE (ie Back-Of-House staff, as well as on-air talent).
Why would Vince be shitting himself? It took Cody and the Bucks a year to build a show to draw 10,000 people and that's when they had NJPW and ROH on their side. Now you are looking at trying to find a regular TV spot(when wresting that isn't WWE is struggling to find decent homes on high clearance TV networks) with building a talent roster hiring a fulltime staff promoting finding venues and spending the outlay on producing TV. If they make it to TV regularly then they have to build up an audience(that isn't exactly large even for the companies these people are already performing for and likely no longer will be performing for if they go this route and that's with the infrastructure already in place. This is a gamble more than a guarantee. Like I said before this could be a year away from being a thing that even has legs if it gets that far.
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