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Re: Let's Talk About Politics! The Official Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
Yes a living wage and the fed. min wage are two different things. What I am saying is, if you have a full-time job, it should be a living wage, including entry level jobs.
And I am saying that if your full time job is a cashier at McDonald's or Burger King or (in Bezos' case) Whole Foods, then something is wrong

Those are entry level positions for experience, it's pretty easy to make more than $15 an hour with just even a minimal skill set

Again yes the fed. min wage should be #15 an hour for a full time job, if its your career. The min wage for full time jobs should be a living wage.
But how do we determine that?

That is a personal preference of what you consider a career, that's a vague description

Are you saying that being a picker at Amazon should be considered a career? You do know what the entry level jobs are at Amazon, right?

If you are working a part time job as a kid in HS or college, then no it does not have to be $15 an your, it should be more like $12 which is what it would be if it kept up with inflation.
So you are saying that there should be two minimum wages?

And what about high school dropouts... whee would they fall into this category?

This is why I support no minimum wage, find a job, and negotiate your worth, should be easy to do, all minimum wage does is give people a barometer for failure

Which a huge percent of the country agrees with. I answered the question a few times in my last two comments in this new post, I will just refer back to that.
Yes, because the majority of the country don't want to do the work necessary to get out of it.

It sounds like a great plan on paper, because the people who are struggling love to think more money solves their problems.

It isn't news to say the majority of people want more stuff for nothing

if you work full time at walmart it should be at least $15 if you are part time then $12, No one in the country should make less than $12 even at McD or Walmart.
Not sure this will cause issues where these companies just won't make people full time to save from paying $15 to full time but they do that shit anyways to not pay insurance.
Well, you kind of just answered your own rebuttal there

[B]You seem to not be understanding, that I think very lowly of someone

What that makes you not a very nice person. As for people doing things the right way they shouldnt be working entry level jobs , that is just bullshit. Somethings they have to settle for that to have a job again because of a layoff or some other stuff. Its pretty said you would even say shit like that
I am a very nice person. I give what I can, and donate, and give my time to others.

That doesn't mean I can't want better for someone, we should all strive to be the best version of ourselves, that means looking in the mirror and acknowledging our faults.

Not expecting more handouts... remember the adage about giving a man a fish and teaching him

It's nice to give, its more effective to teach

Also, I hve been laid off before, if you do things the right way (not blow money, you know focusing on what you keep instead of what you earn) you should have the ability to live for a few months without work

Then if you have the right skill set, you should be able to find a job. Especially with unemployment at your disposal.

Even then there are so many jobs you can do that dont require skills (Uber, Lyft, Instacart) that is a shitty excuse as well.

I had a friend who made $1500 a week doing Uber, he had to work 12 hours a day to do it. He didn't need to go to McDonald's because he lost his job.

You are the not nice person, because you want people to stay complacent, and just give them things, how is that helping?

Of course you wont waste your time because my point refuted your BS about prime having to go up since amazon will be payign more. The whole point of the Trump tax cuts was so companies like Amazon can pay their workers more.
What point? I don't remember bringing Trump into this.

I have been pretty consistent in saying that a $15 minimum wage is stupid, I would prefer to have none, but $10 works for me

Just more bullshit from you. You live in a fantays world, you really should try living in reality

Ha you are the one living in a world where everyone is spending money and the economy is booming because we gave them more money.

And you say I live in a fantasy world?

You want two types of minimum wages, and you think it is acceptable for grown people to work a full time job at McDonald's

Yeah, dude I will stay in my reality, it's a lot nicer here.

The only one making dumb comments here is you like your last paragraph.
Testy aren't we.

I really just have one question:

Do you think a person raising a family should be making the minimum wage?

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