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Re: Let's Talk About Politics! The Official Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
Who is talking about a min. wage, we are talking about a living wage. Stop trying to make a strawman argument. And working at Amazon should give you a living wage. Amazon is not McDonalds, so it should not pay like it is.
I just showed you here you were 3 times.

And Bernie Sanders wants a $15 an hour minimum wage, are you denying that?

You don't think an entry level job at a huge corp like Amazon should give a living wage? How does that even make sense?
No I don't. Do you know what entry level is?

It means jobs that you get to gain experience to get better jobs, that's why it is a minimum wage, and not a maximum one.

someone has to pay those workers? Amazon makes billions they can afford it. The whole reasoning for them giving their average workers more money was because of how much Amazon makes
Yes, someone has to pay those workers.

You think the money is coming strictly out of Jeff Bezos' pocket?

Do you work for a living.. do you think the job fairy just comes and gives you a paycheck?

Money has to come from other places, that's why people create budgets

Also Trumps tax cuts were supposed to pay for these types pay raises so nothing should go up like prime. That is why Trump claimed he gave them right

We aren't talking about Trump, we aretalking about Amazon and the minimum wage, stay focused

What about the $18 an hour workers they wouldn't need to be changed. You are just making up stuff now.
Ok, I will put this down again, because you don't want to get it

If entry level is $15 an hour, what does the level above entry level get? And the level above that? and the level above that, and above that?

You would be ok with the guy below you getting a raise, but you don't? That would be ok with you?

Well the money comes from Trumps tax cuts he gave them right? That is why he claimed he gave them. Are you going to deny that?
I am going to deny I said anything about Trump. Stay on track.

Also since you are talking about min wage, the wage should keep up with inflation, and if they did, it would be about $12 an hour which it's not.
So the 15 year old kid at McDonald's should be making $12 an hour... that's not far off the $10 that I think is fair, so I am not going to argue that

Companies making billions can easily pay their workers $12-15.
Yes they can, just not entry level workers... that's where we disagree

Also amazon paying its workers and other companies paying their workers more money would make more money because people would have more disposable income and put it back into the economy.
So, people who are bad with money get more money to be bad with.

Let me let you in on a lesson you obviously have never learned:

It's not about the money you earn, it's the money you keep"

This is why you have broke professional athletes, and broke CEO's because if you are bad with money $15 an hour ain't going to be what saves you.

That is how you stimulate the economy but the middle and lower classes making more money.
So you want to give the middle class more money to blow on stupid shit?

Got it
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