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Re: Let's Talk About Politics! The Official Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by blaird View Post
Haha at no one should earn more than a million dollars (if this is accurate). And if the tax plan I just read on him from a 2016 article is correct, it looks horrible. Again, I am no tax expert just reading from an article on taxfoundation.org so if its a bogus site my apologies. I cant copy the article because of the chromebook I am on but if you google "bernie sanders tax plan" I think its the first one to come up, if you care to read about it.

It says there will be a 10.5% reduction in all tax payers' after tax income which is not good, to me anyways. Also a 2.2% tax for income based healthcare premium". I can get on board with that if I no longer have money taken out to pay for my health insurance, but overall it doesnt look too good. Again, I am far from a tax expert so if I am reading or understanding this wrong, please correct me.
Apparently Bloomberg found a n article from 1974.

In a 1974 article titled “Concentrated Wealth Is Causing Economic Illness,” from an unidentified newspaper that was in his papers at the University of Vermont library, Sanders is described as wanting to “make it illegal to amass more wealth than a human family could use in a lifetime.” He would do that, the article said, with “a 100 percent tax on incomes above this level ($ one million per year)” and “would recycle this money for the public need.”

Also in 1974, when Sanders was the Liberty Union’s candidate for Senate in Vermont, he told the Burlington Free Press that “nobody should earn more than $1 million,” a line that was mentioned in passing in a July story in Politico. The Sanders campaign did not respond to requests for comment.
Of course the other telling portion is a 100% tax rate.

By the way 1 million dollars in 1974 is only about 5.3 million here.

I would assume that he would have to walk that statement back, because if he would propose that, I can't see him getting that much support.
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