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Re: Let's Talk About Politics! The Official Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by blaird View Post
His million dollar quote is in the wiki article so I went to the article it references and it required me to pay to see the whole article so I didnt see if it was 100% accurate. If its not accurate then I take it back, Im in a bit of a hurry and didnt have a chance to look into it fully.
If true, did you happen to see what year he said that lol? It was 1974. he has never said anything like that currently that I have seen. To put that in perspective, the average salary in 1974 was 8,000 per year.

I guess you can say him saying no CEO should make 1000x that of their average employee is similar. But when you look at it in 1974 terms of making $1m per year vs the average person making 8,000. do you think he is wrong?

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