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re: NFL Divisional Round: IND/KC, DAL/LAR, LAC/NE, PHI/NO

Originally Posted by KING JAMES View Post
peopl have begun to stop watching because of the huge list of problems. It's not even one thing, it's just so many things. How the league conducts itself, the owners all being literal pieces of shit(which Im sure isnt different in other leagues, but they don't make it as well known as scumbags like Jerry Jones and Irsay), the play itself being too slow, too many commercials, too many penalties, too many rules leading to people not knowing what the fuck is happening and feeling screwed far too often, and to top it off there's so much roster turnover these days you can't even really keep up with teams anymore. Players retiring early, moving around constantly, etc, it makes it really hard to actually know who is where and who is who.
Yeah it's a long list of shit I agree.

but the other shit was tolerable before they started having refs force games to be close. just totally fuck that. i used to joke for years that the NFL rigged games, that is was scripted like WWE. i don't think it's scripted still, but i do genuinely think the refs call bullshit penalties to keep games close because vegas and ratings. i seriously call into the question the integrity of the game. if i'm doing that then fuck this game. i'll still fantasy for shits and giggles.

i'm sure the garbage political stuff has an effect both ways, but i think it's waning fantasy football plus the game is just objectively worse than it used to be and people are sick of it.

Also Peyton Manning. He was the good guy of the league. He was probably the biggest star the NFL has ever had.

oh yeah the NFL can't even fucking rig the game right lmfao. You obviously want Dallas to win Super Bowls because they're immune to the ratings decline. People still love and hate this dumb fucking team run by one of the bigger pieces of shit in Murican sports.

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