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Re: A Thread For My Random Ramblings Of Matches From All Over: Memphis/AWA/Mid South & More

Ric Flair vs Jake Roberts (Mid-South 11/24/1985)

Yeah now this is something. Flair going up against Jake.

Jake is a substitute for Butch Reed after he was injured by a bounty put on his head by Flair.

Flair is using psych out tactics right from the start by mocking Roberts, which results in a shoving match and then all of a sudden; DDT!

But the bell has not sounded. It was fucking awesome seeing Jake hit Flair with it right from the start and Flair sold it like he's just been shot. Perfect opening. Flair is dead and Jake is going mad at the ref as he wants to make a pin but he can't as the match hasn't officially started yet lol.

Match is already great and the bell has yet to sound

Flair is just grand at his selling here, as he's still struggling to get up from the DDT. He eventually draws heat by rolling out the ring before getting back to his feet. He tells the ref he's outta there and walks off. Roberts is hopping mad in the ring and just wants Flair.

He starts goading Flair to get back and the bell does finally sound as Flair gingerly makes his way back to the ring. He waits until the count of 9 to roll back in with his championship belt still in his hands.

Flair is golden.

They finally lock up and Jake just nails Flair with some great right and left handers and a big back body drop. Flair takes Jake down by his leg and won't let go. He lets loose and back a off as Jake is more than ready.

Flair takes him down again and gets his big heat segment until his kneedrop gets caught, leading to a figure four by Jake.

Love the crowd continually shouting for the DDT.

Jake hits Flair with some more big right handers and Flair does his famous Flair flop to the mat. Jake as the avenging babyface is such a pleasant surprise here.

Jake gets a big running kneelift, but misses on the second one, and takes a great bump. Flair reverses an inside cradle for the win.

Butch Reed in a neck brace.is out and is pissed at he'll and going for Ric. Flair goes for the piledriver, but it's reversed and.Flair bails.

Excellent match. Loved the beginning with the quick DDT before they settled into an actual match. Jake was also a great babyface in this and Flair was just as good here with the crazy selling and offense. Gotta watch more Jake, esp as the babyface he was here. Timed his comebacks well, got the crowd fully he behind him and I loved his punches. He and Flair meshed together superbly and the stuff before the bell even rang is worth the watch alone.

Super match.

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