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Re: The Orville


Okay that was a pretty weird episode of The Orville . In a good way. Really loved the deconstruction of labels in this episode. I guess in a future set 500 years in the future. Labels like Gay and Straight don't really apply. OF course Ed and Kelly were kinda under a spell. But the comedic plays in this show are just absolutely flawless. I got to say this show is more Star Trek then Star Trek is. When LT. Gordon was like "It's like Ed is into him". And Issac was like "What do you mean into him, is he inside him?". And LT. Alara was like "He well be soon" . And it was pretty funny when Kelly and ED were in the elevator. And that Krill kept showing up. Just go away . Things resolved pretty nicely at the end of the episode. The plot was really focused around the breakdown of Ed and Kelly's Marrage. So I liked the insight their. But once again with this show. So refreshing to see such a fun, uplifting show in this genre.
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