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Re: The Orville

Just watched the fourth episode. Best episode yet. Loved every single part of it. It is so refreshing to see A Sci Fi show actually have an element of fun to it. The Genre seemed to have forgotten that over the past decade or so. Their are so many dark and serious in tone Sci Fi shows out their. This show could really fill the void. A Chuck had, or an Eureka. Seems to be a shift in the fourth episode. The whole premise was so good. I loved the opening sequence. Great dialouge. Seth is really strong as a lead. When he did movies it diddn't work. But this role is perfect for him. He just fits it like a glove. And everyone else is so perfectly casted.

The Location and Set designs are so bang on. With the right comical moments, and alot of heart. Feels like your watching the future. The Special Effects don't feel cheesy either, or low budget. They feel legit. That battle ship war I really enjoyed. Have to agree though Religeous Zealots don't handle scientific proof all that well. So probably would of been an all out war . But I liked they went in the direction of their Captain or Gospel had a hint their is more to their world. And was happy he was wrong. And Liam Neesan just capped it off. Looking forward to next week's one.

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