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Re: Vince Russo on the lack of pyschology hurting the business

Originally Posted by Laughable Chimp View Post
Problem is, its really hard to get emotionally invested in a match when you're not invested in the character. Like really hard. Theres plenty of people(the cruiserweights in particular) who have awesome work rate and psychology but the crowd don't give a fuck about them because they haven't been given a reason to. This leads to people thinking these guys are only spot monkey who can't get emotional investment in their matches when in reality, its due to the booking of their characters and the storylines they are put in.

Psychology isn't noticeable to casuals most of the time. Try watching a brilliant action scene from a movie or show you have never watched before. You won't appreciate the small quirks, the nuances, their dialogue which creates the psychology in the scene. You know what you will appreciate, the action. I think you can see how this works in a match.

In short, too many wrestlers are relying on high risk moves because they don't have the emotional investment for the psychology to work. Its not on them, its creative's fault for not giving a reason for fans to care. Its just people think inputting paychology in matches is just this easy fix when in reality, there are plenty of psychology in some matches but they get overlooked because the emotional investment in the characters and the story isn't there to truly appreciate it.
I cannot stress enough how ridiculous it is to absolve performers for not being interesting. Sure creative doesn't do them any favours, but fact of the matter is a lot of these guys are playing the same character they played before coming to WWE. They just aren't interesting. Then on top of that the don't even try to become interesting characters. Shawn Michales was interesting in 1992 & 1995 both are times when WWE was barren creatively and in a culture change, Bret Hart was always one of the most rudimentary "characters" in wrestling yet he was interesting. They are guys that didn't settle for good enough. Guys these days settle and the hardcore fans let them settle. If they tried to be interesting maybe they would succeed even if it is in a car crash manner at least it is there.

Of course character is part and parcel to emotional investment. It's plain as day. None of the guys care nor does creative, because they have all settled for good enough. It's a glaring problem in North American pro wrestling. Until the mentality changes this is what we are stuck with. AJ Styles wouldn't be more interesting with better creative behind him, because he is plying the same AJ Styles he has always played and while he is a wonderful in ring performer especially in this generation he is a boring character and always has been. Nowhere he has been has made any great strides in improving that aspect of his presentation. It's just that there is a mentality of it being good enough. The WWE especially suffers from this because they have been making record profits even with live attendance and TV ratings down. When that bubble bursts it's going to be a catastrophe because the only compelling characters are Nostalgia acts and part time performers who are past their prime.
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