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Re: Vince Russo on the lack of pyschology hurting the business

Originally Posted by MonkasaurusRex View Post
Why do people separate workrate from psychology. In my opinion if you don't have psychology you can't really work. Anybody can learn to do moves that's not special or a talent. The real talent id making what you do matter to the audience to engage them in the match. You can take all the ridiculous masturbatory spots and flips and stick them where the sun doesn't shine, because if you can't give me a reason to care it isn't worth my time in watching it. The people who are truly great make you invested emotionally. You don't need to have 100,000 moves just make the moves you do matter. The biggest part of a wrestling match is what happens between the moves. It's not often that Russo is wholly right in his opinions(I like the guy because he admits who he is and his views on the business and holds fast to them unapologetically.). This however is one of those times where he is right. The guys today don't give a damn about putting on show where people are actually invested in what goes on they just want the crowds to cheer for them and say "this is awesome" and "you deserve it" even though they are all mostly shells of past talents. Many of the guys in WWE and other places today wouldn't be worthy of shining the boots of guys like Michaels, Hennig, Hart, Flair, Savage, Steamboat, Roberts, Rude, Guerrero etc. They are all marks for themselves.
Problem is, its really hard to get emotionally invested in a match when you're not invested in the character. Like really hard. Theres plenty of people(the cruiserweights in particular) who have awesome work rate and psychology but the crowd don't give a fuck about them because they haven't been given a reason to. This leads to people thinking these guys are only spot monkey who can't get emotional investment in their matches when in reality, its due to the booking of their characters and the storylines they are put in.

Psychology isn't noticeable to casuals most of the time. Try watching a brilliant action scene from a movie or show you have never watched before. You won't appreciate the small quirks, the nuances, their dialogue which creates the psychology in the scene. You know what you will appreciate, the action. I think you can see how this works in a match.

In short, too many wrestlers are relying on high risk moves because they don't have the emotional investment for the psychology to work. Its not on them, its creative's fault for not giving a reason for fans to care. Its just people think inputting paychology in matches is just this easy fix when in reality, there are plenty of psychology in some matches but they get overlooked because the emotional investment in the characters and the story isn't there to truly appreciate it.
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