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Re: Good way to built a new star

People seem to think that there was some sort of way to easily make a new guy a top guy, but that's really not the case. It's a combination of the skill of the wrestler involved, the booking that they are given, and the environment and atmosphere surrounding their push.

They want Reigns to replace Cena because they've build the whole WWE brand around Cena for years and for that model to continue they need someone else to take on that same role. They've picked Roman, most likely due to a combination of a strong look and presence, along with how over he was while in the Shield (and his mic skills weren't exposed).

Now, I think Cena has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years in that people say that he's not talented and never was that talented to begin with. On the contrary, Cena is is really good in-ring, and can even put on great matches when paired with the right opponent and he is really good on the mic, despite not having the best material over the years. However, I would be a liar if I said that his long run at the top didn't damage the company as a whole going forward. The visceral enmity that he drew up among fans was bound to rub off on whoever came after, and if they weren't a better Cena than Cena, they were going to have an even rougher run than he had.

To get a less divisive top guy, WWE probably would've had to go through a period of flux where there was no definite "face of the company" for a few years, before picking a wrestler who could fill the role after memories of "Super-Cena" had faded a bit.

What's worse is that Roman is clearly a very different guy from Cena in how he is best presented. WWE is slowly pushing more this way, still giving him the Cena push while having him act less Cena-like. The damage has already been done, however, and I doubt that Roman will achieve the kind of success that they want by continuing down this path, which is a shame.
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