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Re: New CW Division Show: 205 Live premieres Nov. 29 on WWE Network

Bizarre choice putting this on after Smackdown. Putting it after NXT, like the Cruiserweight Classic would be logical, having it taped at Full Sail would be logical, where the Cruiserweights would get treated like superstars would make everybody look good.

Having it live, right after Smackdown seems odd. The main roster audiance hasn't treated the Cruserwieghts division very well at all, they get crickets. I don't see how this will change when you put it at the end of a Smackdown taping when the crowd is probably gonna be exhausted anyway. You'll be seeing people leaving the arena in their droves!

I was never really a fan of the Cruiserweight division to begin with. I was willing to give it a go but their treatment on Raw has been awful. With a roster as thin as it is today, I don't see the logic in boxing part of it off in their own division. If it was me I would keep all the talent and just assimilate them into the main roster.

I always try to defend WWE and I will definately be watching this but the placement of this show has baffled me xD
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