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Re: **All Smackdown TV Ratings, Buys, Draw Talk Here** - THE BLUE BRAND RATINGS WAR

Originally Posted by Straw Hat View Post
Oh the irony.

Cena and Orton are bigger stars than Roman or Seth will ever be.

AJ is the best wrestler on the planet and can put on a show in the ring.

As much as I don't like Ambrose, he still has a pretty strong fan base which will help get more eyes on Smackdown.

Bray finally has a chance of winning the title and could do great things with it, as he would finally be able to deliver on his words, finally allowing for character progression.

Miz is the best pure heel in the WWE and can even have a great run with the WWE title.

Best tag teams? LOL Smackdown has the best tag team in the WWE right now and could easily hit gold with The Revival moving to Smackdown. What the division lacks is competition, that can be easily corrected with a few credible tag teams being added to the division. If I were to choose AA or a strong tag division, I would take AA in a heartbeat. Jordan and Gable are destined for singles success, they could be the big #1 and #2 they've been looking for since Cena, Batisa and Orton.

As for the Women's division, SD is a hell of a lot fresher and more interesting than the women's version of Seth-Roman they have going on. All they really need is Bayley to put it clear ahead.

The only aspect Raw beats SD is the midcard. Even then, those guys have faced each so many times already that their encounters have no meaning (Owens-Cesaro, Zayn-Owens, etc.)
Cena and Orton on Raw drew shitty numbers, too. Cena coming back did nothing. They are the most stale guys on the roster by MILES. AJ being the best wrestler in the world, which is your opinion, doesn't matter in the least in this conversation. The irony of you mentioning Ambrose in a positive way makes this all the more laughable.

The Revival? Cool, one good team that a part of the fanbase doesn't even know about. Stiil just one team. Sasha and Charlotte is stale? Not by main roster standards it isn't. Sasha was off the show for MONTHS up until recently.

Again, I have no interest in getting into mark wars over two shows produced by the same company anymore. It is extremely childish and corny. All of your posts are extremely into nothing but mark wars, not only with this, but even with just the wrestlers in general. I'm not engaging it anymore. Have fun.

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