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Re: **All Smackdown TV Ratings, Buys, Draw Talk Here** - THE BLUE BRAND RATINGS WAR

Originally Posted by ShowStopper View Post
No, it is the biggest thing WWE has done for anyone and everyone. They are doing this brand split in hopes of bringing at least some of the old audience back. This was a nice increase from what SD has been recently, but if this is the absolute ceiling of SD, even with the actual draft on it, than yeah, that is pretty disappointing overall.

And no offense, but everytime you have a disagreement with someone you always somehow belittle their intelligence or make statements like "I have no idea what you are saying." or just flatout call them stupid. That says alot, tbh. Feel free to not respond. I promise I will be able to move on.
Lol, what? You just said yourself that they are doing the brand split in hopes of bringing people back. That isn't going to happen in one night. You know that Raw ratings are tanking and you know that there are no draws on this roster yet you somehow expect Smackdown to pop some incredible number drafting a roster that doesn't draw? I have asked you about 3 times now to say what type of rating/viewership you were expecting this show to get and so far all you've done is talk in circles and make baseless statements like the bolded.

Why would I take offense to other people not being able to articulate their points and/or saying stupid things? Feel free to not respond? Lol why wouldn't I respond? We're all adults here and we're having a discussion. If you want to end it then end it. There's no need to get on your soapbox and make an announcement.
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