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Re: Official Match/DVD/Show Discussion Thread (And Stairs)

Probably the most skippable Takeover but still a good one with nothing bad on it. They really need to stop doing Takeovers at Full Sail because they feel so insignificant at Full Sail after being in bigger venues so much in the past year. Tye/Almas was fun. Almas looked like a geek when he came out though. I know he unmasked in Mexico but I wish that they'd just done a Rey with him and had him be the next masked superstar. Easy merch sell and he looks so much better masked imo. NXT debut squashes are always odd in the sense that the new guy works a regular shine-heat-finish match where the other guy gets to showcase almost as much of his own offence but this was that problem turned up to the max. Granted Tye is really over and that was going to be an issue regardless but this felt like as much of if not more of a showcase for Tye than Almas. Thankfully Almas did enough on his end to make himself look good too despite the weird booking of the match. Finisher is really tame mind which is a problem for so many of these NXT guys. Like they can all do these great moves and then a double knees in the corner is the finish? Ok. If Tye is going to be the debut opponent for all these new guys then he NEEDS to just once beat one of them on their debuts. Would be an awesome moment and set up an instant hot program for the pair of them. Revival/Alpha was really good. Not Dallas because it didn't have the atmosphere or the same level of finishing run but still really great. Good way to debut Authors of Pain too. Oh and that's an awesome name for a monster tag team. Aries/Nakamura was borderline great. No hot finish run but I kinda like that Aries made a mistake and Nakamura punished him for it straight away, even if it comes at the expense of the quality of the match. Jax/Asuka was good for what it was but it felt way too short and like Jax went down way too easily/quickly. Thought Jax looked really good again here and totally outclassed Asuka who I thought brought next to nothing to this. No sympathetic babyface selling and barely anything in terms of offence period, let alone nasty looking offence. I get why she isn't laying the strikes in with girls like Alexa Bliss but this was the showcase for how violent Asuka can get and they totally missed the ball with it. Match was good though because Jax works a control segment really well as a nasty monster heel. No idea why people think she's not even good let alone bad. Joe/Balor was bleh. Given the build and the stip, this lacked a serious amount of heat. Felt more like a regular first time title match that just so happened to be in a cage because it was that time of the year booking. Joe looked good but not BITW great like he did in Dallas. Finn brought nothing yet again. Like he's not bad, he's just nothing. Like he goes in the ring, does his moves and that is literally it. He doesn't emote, he doesn't rally the crowd behind him, he doesn't sell. Honestly the moves he does aren't even all that impressive. But this has been the case since day 1 and at least everyone else seems to be over the "but cool face paint and entrance" thing now.

Joe/Nakamura should headline Brooklyn though and that could be FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.
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