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Re: Official Match/DVD/Show Discussion Thread (And Stairs)

Originally Posted by Kyle DaCosta View Post
All due respect, I don't understand how anyone could dislike Zayn. He's the best pure white-meat babyface in who knows how long. His selling abilities are unparalleled, possessing some of the most realistic and sympathetic facial expressions and body language to the point where it is palpable, as you can feel his "discomfort".
When he was still in Ring of Honor and feuding with Owens I say in the 4th row for their big blow out match. If Generico lost he lost his mask and if Steen he had to leave ROH. I didn't want Steen to leave and decided I wanted him to win. I wore a Kevin Steen shirt to the event. You want to know what I was doing 5 minutes into the match? Cheering for El Generico despite the fact that I had already decided that because of the consequences of the match I wanted him to lose. He won the match and there are only a handful of moments that I was happier for.

Based on that 1 match I can only conclude that Zayn is the best babyface that I've seen in person and I've pretty much seen everyone active in wrestling today in person.

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