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Re: Official Match/DVD/Show Discussion Thread (And Stairs)

Warning after typing this: long analysis here but figured I'd pop in here to sing the praises of Goldust/Orton for Cody Rhodes' job Raw match. I remember watching this when it happened and digging it, thinking it was a good match and then watching it again a few months later and liking it but I've watched this match twice these past two days this time watching tentatively/closely: and this isn't a good match: this is a great WWE styled match! Many minor, sometimes minute things that would be easily missed watching without a close eye that just make the story being told in the ring really pop! Sure, this was on the surface probably a good one anyway given bell to bell the crowd was already in the palm of the two's hands.

Still though: right out of the shoot Goldust with that look of pure focus knowing the task he has at hand and then rushing in with his offense and how Orton started his response with basic, low-effort, rudimentary offense right out of the gate telling a central part of this story with Randy thinking he was going to have an easy night knocking off this "old" and ring-rusted Goldust when Randy is the champ. A tune-up match in Randy's mind if you will. Then in our first "little detail" I just love how that basic approach doesn't work and as a result Randy got hard shots and when Randy rolled out first first he checks his teeth and just gives that great confused heel look and snarl physically saying "what the fuck just happened I expected a night off here" and then throwing out that cokcy "you're going back" line probably meaning it is futile and Orton then dialing in with more focus realizing that Goldie has a little more in the tank then calculated and Orton better take some heel shortcuts, which he smartly does.

Another thing that is just cool when you notice is after those hard "10 count punches" how the hot crowd finally absolutely quiets concerned for Goldust and then Orton with perfect timing gives that "Im going to enjoy this now" smile and knees Goldust's chest in then smirks while looking around the crowd before doing the Brock/Regal hand stomp to a recovering crawling opponents' hand and then that all is for not since Orton underestimated Goldy again thinking he was gonna close it out powerslam RKO only to nearly lose on the surprise pin. That second rollout where Orton regroups, tells Goldust Orton underestimated him, then as a heel rolls again to tell the ref "you tell him im going to kick his ass as soon as I choose to get in the ring " before cockily egging that hot crowd on with no chants... that was heel gold. When they got back in the ring I found it a nice touch by Dustin since he really doesn't have much of a gameplan out of emotion and ring rust to just flip Orton's earlier offense on him until Orton got the heelish upper hand.

I thought the close to this with Goldust hitting his old finish spurring his hope spot which the crowd really came for and intending on ending it with Cody's finish was a great little addition to this story too only for Goldy to lose to some cunning by Orton. I mean shit, even some extremely minute selling in this match like two Orton sells: one after Orton got his hand stomped on the ring steps, he for about four seconds moved his fingers rapidly to try and get some quick feeling and B. there is a spot where Orton got I think his head bounced outside and while selling pain he gives this huge swing in the air to add to the frustration of the whole story from his end of having a much harder earned win than anticipated. Usually the Lawler/Cole/JBL commentary is best on mute: but this was a rare job well done at the desk and probably the best job I've heard that trio do.

Point is: add everyhting up when watching close and this really is a great match. Better too: there was ZERO flashy moves this whole match and they added up these simple yet great parts alongside that hot crowd to carve this stellar story. Easily one of Randy's finest individual efforts of this current decade and a very fine singles notch for the Goldust run.

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