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Re: what is your opinion of goldberg vs the rock backlash 2003???

Originally Posted by ItsaNewDay View Post
Wasn't a fan of it.

My favorite Goldberg match was The Summerslam 2003 Chamber. Not the biggest Goldberg fan, but watching him destroy Orton, Jericho, and Shawn was a site. I can always rewatch that, and be entertained by it.
Agreed, with the caveat that the finish ruined it. I'm not a huge Goldberg fan either, but the crowd was red hot for him. Then after running wild, a fat, injured, bike short wearing Triple H pinned him with a single shot (with a sledgehammer, but still). The crowd had the energy let out of them like a balloon, and he never received that level of reaction again in WWE, even when he won the belt a month later, the damage was done.

Goldberg vs. Rock was okay. I'm glad we got the match when both were still in their primes, so the pace was good, but the structuring was very basic from memory. Haven't watched it for a long time, but Backlash 2003 was one of the last wrestling VHSs I had, shortly after it was all about the DVDs.

...Wow, 2003 was a long time ago.

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