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re: PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

Chapter 20 review:

Noam Dar vs Pastor William Eaver:

nothing amazing here, Noam Dar really showed some talent though. The other guy was pretty funny, a nice showcase but nothing amazing.

'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman vs Bubblegum vs Kyle Ashmore vs 'Flash' Morgan Webster

Really good match! Had never seen any of the guys and each on sold me on them. Mike Hitchman is a fucking beast, really reminded me of Rhyno. Bubblegum is really good in the ring and so fucking unlikable. Kyle Ashmore, Holy shit he is legit already one of my favourites. He was literally Chris Hero mixed with a John Morrison, he's awesome. Morgan Webster least sold me but still did some pretty cool shit. I laughed SO much when the crowd started mocking him.

Sebastian vs Damien Dunne (Natural Progression Series)

Pretty fun match, good showcase of both guys but still nothing to write home about. I like Sebs geeze stick though.

Sumerian Death Squad vs Hunter Brothers (Tag Team Title match)

This match was fucking awesome, I watched Tommy in PWG a couple times and thought he was just another no selling slap kicking wrestler, but holy shit he really changed my mind in this match. The other guys looked like nothing compared to SDS but they really were made in this match with them holding their own. Awesome stuff.

8-Man THUNDERBASTARD match (Tom Irvin, Nathan Cruz, Damon Moser, El Ligero, Mark Haskins, Marty Scurll, Eddie Dennis, Rampage Brown)

Good match, good spots, each guy was highlighted well. Really liked the ending showdown with the last two. When I first saw Eddie I thought he was a joke but he was actually pretty good. Rampage is a legit fucking beast.

Jimmy Havoc vs Will Osprey (Progress Title match)

Yep, five fucking stars, you can say it's extreme but really I can't think of anything more I could want in a wrestling match, story, character, buildup, tension, drama, amazing wrestling, just an amazing match. In my top 5 match of the year. Havoc is one of my favourite wrestlers, he's SO AWESOME. Osprey is fucking unreal, he's so so so talented in the ring.

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