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Re: So Cena beat Rollins cleanly 3 times in the last 2 months...

Originally Posted by The Apostate View Post
I can't imagine the shitstorm when he finally drops the belt ... The amount of butthurt amongst Seth fans is sickening despite the fact that the guy has gotten the most screentime, promotime, main event matches than anyone on the card since April.

"He's got shit booking"
"He loses too much"
"He's a chicken shit heel"

Meanwhile let's ignore that he's been the WWE champion for 6 months and even held the US title ... But lemme guess ... that's not enough because he isn't being booked to make Cena and Lesnar both submit to him at the same time after having beaten Taker, Kane and the Authority on the same night. *sigh*

Rollins' marks are now beginning to come across as the most entitled bunch on this forum .. and I thought us Bryan marks were bad. All we ever wanted was for Bryan to have a legit run. But Rollins fans get that and more and still whine all the fucking time.
It's annoying when people act like Rollins has been horrible as champion, when in reality he's been very good with what he's been given. It's hard to have a really good reign when you're booked to always look weak and lose constantly. I mean, he loses cleanly to Cena multiple times and then loses to a guy like Ryback... come on. What is the creative team thinking?
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