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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

KOE Night 1

Hero vs. Claudio *** 1/4 - Better than their Chikara bout until the broken ring made them a bit tenative. I also didn't love the finish.

Go Shiozaki vs. Martin Stone - *** 3/4 - Built really well, especially since I could have cared less going in.

Pac vs. Trent Acid - ** - This was great, then Pac started taking ABSURD moves onto chairs and the guard rail and not selling. What a waste. Acid was great, surprisingly.

El Generico vs. Matt Sydal - *** 1/2 - Good comedy, great moves, good pacing and story. The finish was slightly out of nowhere, but this was still very good. Generico is way better than he gets credit for.

Doug Williams vs. Ares - ** 1/2 - Meh. Didn't click.

Davey vs. Zebra Kid - *** 1/4 - Good, felt like it should have been more, but just wasn't. Maybe it's my current distaste for Davey.

Ryo Saito vs. Fleisch - honestly, skipped this. It started too slow and Fleisch lacked the chops to keep it interesting at that pace.

Rhyno vs. Nigel - **** - Badass.

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