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NIGHT SIX - Ménage à Trois

When it comes to McQueen there is alot of distrust.... even if he's being honest it could come back to haunt either side...but was he being honest? People just gotsta know.... so someone put a bullet in his head.

Spoiler for McQueen:

Congratulations you are Dolce - Survivor - Mean Girls Aligned

You are best friends with Brooke and you will do whatever it takes to protect the both of you. To do this you have an ability. You are the bus-driver. Each night send me two targets and those targets will be switched around... you know how a busdriver works.

You can win with either Mafia or Town

Gambit was just doing his job.... couldn't even stay home to grade homework though... As Gambit leaves the house to probably go buy some shoes or set up an appointment for another boob job he takes a ballpoint pen to the chest... he dies immediately.

Spoiler for Gambit:

Congratulations you are Mrs Zane - Distractor - Justice Forever Aligned

You are masturbation fodder for Dave and probably every other males in your class, thus you are the distractor (being a teacher you probably know that, "Distractor" isn't even a fucking word). Your targets role will automatically target you. You can't help this. You must pick a target the first two nights. On the third night you will rest and grade homework. During this time you are night kill immune. But every day after that you have to resume your role. Good luck!

You win will all threats to Justice Forever have been eliminated.

The deaths did not end there though... hence the "trois" in the title... ya feeling me?

Retep was a simple cop doing a complicated job. With this complicated job comes alot of enemies.... the enemy never forgets and nor will the person ever forget the look on Retep's face as he sees the gun. "Well it was bound to happen" he says just before the trigger is pulled. He dies in a pool of his own blood.

Spoiler for Retep:

Congratulations you are Marcus Williams - Cop - Justice Forever Aligned

Since you are a real fucking cop you're going to be the cop in the game as well. Being the cop you will be able to investigate members. Send me a player at night and I will give you an innocent or guilty verdict. Ya feeling me?

You win when all threats to Justice Forever have been eliminated.

It is now Day 7 .... with 8 alive it takes 5 for a lynch.


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